Amazon Quiz Answers 31sy July - Win Samsonite Polycarbonate suitcase

Today’s Amazon Quiz Information

  • Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize: Samsonite Polycarbonate suitcase
  • Amazon Quiz Date: 31 July 2020
  • Amazon Quiz Time: 8AM - 12PM
Question 1 : A very rare ‘Golden Tabby’ tiger has recently been spotted in which National Park?

Ans :- Kaziranga National Park

Question 2 : An ‘Astronomical Unit’ is defined as the mean distance between which two objects in space?

Ans :- Earth and Sun

Question 3 : The role of Kolkata based IAS officer, Paritosh Bannerji is being played by Jisshu Sengupta in which upcoming film?

Ans :- Shakuntala Devi

Question 4 : To celebrate which film’s anniversary did Deepika Padukone change her Instagram and Twitter names to ‘Veronica’, her character in the film?

Ans :- Cocktail

Question 5 : The Court of Arbitration for Sport recently overturned which team’s 2 year suspension from European Football tournaments?

Ans :- Manchester City FC