Amazon Quiz Answers 27th July - Win Rs.50,000

Today’s Amazon Quiz Information

  • Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize: Rs.50,000
  • Amazon Quiz Date: 27 July 2020
  • Amazon Quiz Time: 8AM - 12PM
Question 1 : PM SVAnidhi is a centrally sponsored scheme to help whom?

Ans :- Street Vendors

Question 2 : Sri Lanka recently reported to have eradicated Rubella and which other disease?

Ans :- Measles

Question 3 : Which of these days has been observed on July 11 every year since 1989?

Ans :- World Population Day

Question 4 : Who was the Man of the Match for a 9 wicket match haul in the first Test match between England and West Indies, recently held at Southampton?

Ans :- Shannon Gabriel

Question 5 : The Jenner Institute at the Oxford University is a famous institute that specializes in research of what?

Ans :- Vaccines