Amazon Quiz Answers 26th July - Win Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Today’s Amazon Quiz Information

  • Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Amazon Quiz Date: 26 July 2020
  • Amazon Quiz Time: 8AM - 12PM
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Question 1 : Which striker has become the first player in the history of La Liga to record 20 goals and 20 assists in a single season?

Ans :- Lionel Messi

Question 2 : A biography written by Tenzin Geyche Tethong would be released in October. With nearly 400 photographs and documents, it is about whom?

Ans :- The 14th Dalai Lama

Question 3 : In the TV series, Friends what is the name of the cafe, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey frequently visit?

Ans :- Central Perk

Question 4 : Which company recently announced a $10 billion ‘India Digitization Fund’ to accelerate growth of a digital India?

Ans :- Google

Question 5 : Madeline Swegle recently became the first Black female to perform what role in the US Navy in its 110-year history?

Ans :- Fighter Pilot